This article was published on March 6, 2011

Charlie Sheen may make Ustream History Tonight. [Video]

Charlie Sheen may make Ustream History Tonight.  [Video]

You’ve no doubt heard Charlie Sheen is to appear on uStream in a matter of minutes. No ones quite sure what he’s planning on announcing but we’ve been informed the Ustream team are standing by for what might be their biggest livestream event yet.

Previously the record had been set by President Obama’s inauguration but this is reportedly likely to surpass that. The record its looking to beat is 400k simultaneous viewers (UPDATE: Ustream tells us that in actual fact, the’s company’s record is 5.3 million streams of the Chilean miners’ rescue last year).

Fascinatingly this is supposedly all rather spur of the moment with Charlie Sheen himself deciding to set up his own Ustream account. In the past its tended to be PR folk or other staff handing the majority of a celebrity’s marketing and promotion online.

In case you’ve been MIA over the last month, here’s a brief recap. Actor Charlie Sheen has been in the news a lot of late. After a few scandalous parties became public, he went into rehab, but quickly left and started doing interviews where his outlandish comments has managed to fuel his rise into one of the web’s most talked about topics. He also recently joined Twitter and became the fastest to a million in Twitter history. Is he about to set a new record tonight on Ustream? Stay tuned to the video below to find out.

Update: Can’t see this happening. This tweet sums it up perfectly.

Update 2: Indeed, Ustream tells us that the live broadcast achieved a total of 666,512 viewers, making him more popular than Obama’s stream, but nowhere near those Chilean miners.