This article was published on October 11, 2016

‘Capturing Everest’ could be our first VR masterpiece

‘Capturing Everest’ could be our first VR masterpiece
Bryan Clark
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Bryan Clark

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Last year Sports Illustrated brought us its famed Swimsuit Edition in virtual reality. This year the company has its sights set even higher. 29,029 feet higher, to be exact.

Sports Illustrated is set to partner with Endemol Shine Beyond USA to create the first virtual reality documentary series of a team summiting Mt. Everest. Titled ‘Capturing Everest,’ the documentary will debut in early 2017 on Time Inc.’s new LIFE VR platform and in 360-degree video.

Shot over a span of two months using zip line cameras and action cams on the body harness of the climbers, the series is the first of its kind to utilize VR to experience the entire climb in first-person.

Mia Tramz, managing editor of LIFE VR, believes this is exactly the type of application VR was created for:

Attacking the world’s highest summit seemed like the perfect place to go with our new VR initiative, and by partnering with Endemol Shine and adding in the world-class storytellers from Sports Illustrated, I think we have something truly special and unique to offer our audience. We can’t wait to bring viewers along for this once-in-a-lifetime journey. This is exactly the type of experience LIFE VR was created for.

The climbers include six-time Everest summiteer Garret Madison, three-time Everest summiteer Brent Bishop, and a team of experienced climbers that aim to bring you all the ups and downs of an Everest expedition.

Look for it next year.

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