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This article was published on August 22, 2019

Capto makes video editing quick and seamless for under $20

Capto makes video editing quick and seamless for under $20
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: From screen capturing to editing and creating post-ready videos, Capto puts all Mac video features under one roof for $16.99

Just like everything else in the digital space, video editing and the process of creating video for websites and social media has transformed mightily in the past decade. While some hardcores want all the tools and features for cutting a Hollywood blockbuster on their MacBook Pro, most have significantly more modest goals.

They want to capture a video from a webpage and share it. Or paste together two iPhone videos and upload it to YouTube. Or put a pretty graphic on their kid’s recital video and send it to Grandma. 

Capto is an app that’s all about helping users handle the kind of everyday projects they need done. You can give Capto Screen Capture and Video Editing for Mac a try now at almost half off the regular price, only $16.99 from TNW Deals.

With Capto, you can open your frame, set your parameters and record anything playing on your desktop. No, really…anything. Full screen, a small portion, a specific window — everything is on the table.

Once you’ve got your raw vid, Capto’s editing capabilities allow you to make all the changes you envision. Whether that means simple trimming of a clip or some deeper edits, including cropping and joining multiple videos together, Capto’s easy-to-use interface and sneaky powerful toolkit can help you crank out your video in minutes.

Capto automatically archives saved videos, generates screenshots and makes finding and curating your videos easy. Then with a single click, you can export a final product that’s suitable for posting to a website or social platforms from Facebook and YouTube to Instagram, Tumblr, Dropbox and beyond.

A $29.99 value, this discount offer shaves $13 off your final price, getting you all of Capto’s features for just $16.99 while this offer lasts.

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Prices are subject to change.

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