This article was published on January 6, 2016

ByRobot’s ‘Drone Fighter’ lets you try your hand at drone warfare

ByRobot’s ‘Drone Fighter’ lets you try your hand at drone warfare
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The guys at ByRobot were cool enough to give me a demo of their newest ‘drone fighter’ product today at CES. These bad boys are meant to be purchased in pairs — although you could certainly have fun flying just one — and feature an auto-hover option that makes ‘battling’ a bit easier for the novice drone pilot.

Each drone features 2 infared ‘missles’ and an infared sensor to detect hits. Besides the thrill of piloting this mini flying machine, the goal is to shoot your friend’s battle drone out of the air.

The battle starts with an automatic takeoff by tapping a button on your smartphone to get the Bluetooth-controlled fighter in the air.

Once they hover to an appropriate altitude, you control your fighter with a smartphone, with an on-screen layout much you’d find on a video game controller. The left stick controls altitutde and strafing, the right moves forward, back and tilts the drone left or right for quick turns.There’s also a ‘fire’ button, which is where the magic happens.

If all of this wasn’t cool enough, you can actuall remove the propellors, add a set of wheels, and drive your drone like an RC car.

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You can get the current drone fighter model, the DF-GX-101 on Amazon for $99, or hold out for the new model, with the smartphone controller and a host of new tech to make flight a bit easier, for $49.

If you opt to hold out, you’ll see the new model in June on the ByRobot website, or Amazon.

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