This article was published on December 21, 2020

Business is continuing its cloud migration. Train to become an Azure and AWS tech professional

Business is continuing its cloud migration. Train to become an Azure and AWS tech professional
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TLDR: The Beginner Cloud Architect Professional Training Bundle ft. Azure and AWS explores building and working with systems in the world’s two largest cloud system environments.

As the no. 1 provider of cloud services in the world, it probably should be no surprise that Amazon and their uber-profitable Amazon Web Services (AWS) division are bullish on the state of cloud based computing. Even then, it’s still eye-opening to see the extent that Amazon is willing to go to make sure the world is ready for their continued cloud dominance.

Just last week, the company announced plans to help train 29 million people with entry-level skills in cloud-based computing jobs by 2025. And this training isn’t for Amazon employees. The program is expected to target workers who will then be employable as cloud IT experts at the thousands of companies utilizing AWS services.

Of course, the business world could use those cloud experts sooner rather than later, so if you don’t want to wait for AWS to gear up their training, you can just jump in now with The Beginner Cloud Architect Professional Training Bundle ft. Azure and AWS ($39.99, over 90 percent off, from TNW Deals).

This package of seven courses covering over 30 hours of instruction is aimed at bringing the tech novice up to speed on all the innovations in cloud technology. Students also get a complete overview of the two most popular and widely-used cloud platforms around today: AWS and Microsoft Azure.

The training starts with the introductory Getting Started with Cloud Computing, a fundamental look at what cloud computing is, how it’s currently handled, and what a new IT expert needs to know to safely build, manage, grow and protect a cloud-based network. Along with the five basic characteristics of cloud computing, the four cloud deployment modes, and the three main service models, with baseline training can get anyone conversant in this exploding new job sector.

AWS is king of the cloud, so a pair of courses — AWS Cloud Essentials and AWS Solutions Architect Associate — help explain the Amazon cloud environment. After understanding how to navigate its management console, users explore all the tools AWS has to offer to help create better, stronger, faster networked systems. There’s also a comprehensive study of AWS security as well so admins will always know the steps to take to safeguard and repair against hacking and other system incursions.

While AWS is at the top, Microsoft Azure is right on its heels, so the three-pack of Becoming a Cloud Expert: Microsoft Azure IaaS – Level 1, 2, and 3 bring students from first-time Azure users to full-blown experts. Students learn how to migrate apps into the Azure cloud, how to monitor and analyze the performance and health of Azure resources, and how to design a system more resilient and flexible against potential failures.

All the cloud knowledge is regularly priced at almost $1,000, but as part of The Beginner Cloud Architect Professional Training Bundle, it’s all available now at less than $6 per course, only $39.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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