This article was published on May 27, 2015

Business and design deals to help your startup grow

Business and design deals to help your startup grow
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

There is no greater adventure than founding your own business. But before you embark on the journey, check out these business-related deals — they provide invaluable knowledge and resources, all at great low prices.

96% off the Skillsology ‘Start Your Own Business’ bundle

If you are a new entrepreneur, or fancy becoming one, this bundle of seven courses is a good place to start. It concentrates on all the skills required to run a business successfully, taught by instructors with years of experience.

Along with the all-round Start Your Own Business course, there are tracks on the math of business, general sales, money-making models, and three courses on marketing — including specialist tuition on Twitter and Facebook. Order the bundle for $59 via the link to get started instantly.

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Pay whatever you like for the Business Design bundle


Every professional outfit needs slickly designed materials in order to stand out. This bundle brings together eight packs of design templates you can use to create flyers, a logo, website elements, email layouts, and powerpoint presentations. You also get Lightroom presets and layers for Photoshop, meaning you can style your photos and design assets.

You can pay whatever you like for the Business Card and Powerpoint templates; pay above the average price to unlock the full bundle.

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96% off the Build-A-Startup Course bundle


For a more focused look at what it takes to run a technology startup, you should check out this bundle of seven courses. It teaches business acumen from the ground up, but it also includes tuition on networking, sales, marketing, project management, and the coding skills to build version 1.0 of your product.

In total, it is over 75 hours of content. Order it now for $29 for instant access to the video courses.

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Get 94% off the UI/UX Designer bundle


Once you have the basics in place, it is a good idea to optimize any digital product for usability. This bundle teaches you how, with five courses on UI and UX design techniques.

It includes an introduction to the fundamentals of user experience design, plus tuition on user testing, how to use the numbers to better your design, and how to create habit-forming products. Grab it now for $34.

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92% off the Designmodo Website Builder and Flat UI Kit bundle

When you need to get a good-looking website or interface online in a hurry, it is a good idea to use professionally designed assets. This bundle combines beautiful website templates with a stylish UI kit of icons and elements, plus other useful stuff like fonts.

It’s all the work of Designmodo — a well-respected source of quality assets — and it all works perfectly in responsive layouts and frameworks (e.g. Twitter Bootstrap 3). Get it now for $39.

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96% off with the Essential Copywriting bundle


The difference between success and failure can simply be the quality of your pitch, or your sales copy. In this bundle of five courses, you learn how to make a splash with entertaining, accurate copy.

The tuition looks at how to write with flair and capture the attention of your readers. You also learn how to format common documents (reports, case studies, etc.) and even sell your services as a writer. Grab the deal now for $29.99 to learn these essential business skills.

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