This article was published on June 30, 2016

We’re building TNW Momentum: A new event for New York

We’re building TNW Momentum: A new event for New York
Matthew Elworthy
Story by

Matthew Elworthy

Marketing Manager, TNW Events

Last year, just months after the dust had settled from TNW Conference in Amsterdam and its 3,500 attendees, we promised to turn the 2016 edition into a week-long festival for 20,000 coders, founders, and geeks: the first of its kind in Europe.

Last month we saw the result: an event that Gary Vaynerchuk stopped mid-keynote to call ‘unbelievable,’ ‘f*cking awesome,’ and ‘the nicest set up to a conference’ he had ever seen – to the applause of his entire audience.

TNW Conference 2016 was an eye-opener: we realized that paying serious attention to detail to create a festival experience transformed the mood of our attendees. They were more engaged in the content, more excited about the exhibitions, and much more eager to network and connect.

Now it’s time to move our attention to the New York conference scene.

TNW Momentum 2016 is an event focused on quality, not quantity. On November 16, 5,000 like-minded people are set to witness just 12, painstakingly selected, best-in-class speakers. There’s only one rule: No company pitches. Every individual is expected to tell their honest, passionate and sometimes personal stories on how the turning points of their pasts changed the trajectory of the future.

Our goal was to create a platform for teasing out untold tales and hidden truths behind famous successes – whether those tales are of regret, luck, or careful skill, it does not matter. We want you to learn from their experiences.

Add a business floor with 60 carefully curated startups building amazing traction and groundbreaking products, and you start to get a feel for what you can expect this November.

Visit the website now to discover the full story and reserve a discount voucher for our first 2-for-1 ticket sale.

Bring your business cards – it’s time to build your momentum at TNW Momentum.


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