This article was published on May 21, 2015

Build your own propane-powered golf ball cannon

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When it comes to DIY projects, there are two very different types of people. There are those who assemble patio furniture, lay mulch in their flower beds, and lay tile in their bathroom. And then there are those who build a ridiculously impressive propane-powered golf ball cannon.

While you’re not going to be laying down the law with your new creation, it does allow you to shoot golf balls out of an RPG-looking launcher using the basic design principles from another amazing DIY project – the Sci-fi pop gun.

The build requires PVC pipe, a self-igniting torch, and some tubing found at your local hardware store. When complete, it uses the gas from the propane torch to fill the chamber with the perfect mixture of air and fuel for combustion which is then capable of causing an explosion that propels a golf ball hundreds of feet.

This project is going to require some space if you actually want to shoot it, so it’s probably best to test this one outside of your apartment. The plans are simple and building one of these yourself will set you back less than $20 if you already have a propane torch. Oh, and if you build it, play safe, yeah?

Propane Rifle [YouTube]

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