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This article was published on November 3, 2017

    Build and fly your very own flying, driving super drone — and it’s yours for only $32.99

    Build and fly your very own flying, driving super drone — and it’s yours for only $32.99
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    Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

    Drones are cool. But as you pilot your drone craft, impressing your friends and neighbors with your aerial acrobatics, wouldn’t it be even cooler to be able to say, “I built that myself”?

    Part teaching tool, part super-awesome big kid toy, you can get all the equipment and instruction you need to build your very own dual-purpose Force Flying Building Block Fly ‘n Drive Drone right now for just $32.99. It’s 34 percent off with this limited time offer from TNW Deals.

    This all-included kit assembles all the components necessary to construct your own personal flying and driving machine at a fraction of the price you’d pay for a similar craft on a hobby shop store shelf.

    Easy to follow instructions make assembly easy — and it’s even compatible with some of the most popular toy building blocks, allowing you to add and modify your craft into a ton of new configurations.

    But the project is more than just snapping pieces together. Connecting the drone’s 6-axis gyro, 2.4GHz transmitter and crash resistant ABS plastic body into a functioning craft requires some science. The kit offers quick lessons on aerodynamics, weight distribution and other concepts of physics that make it a perfect learning tool for STEM students young and old.

    Of course, once you’re finished, you’ve got a USB-powered flying and driving vehicle capable of stunt work both on the ground and in the air at a range up to 75 meters.

    It’s fun, it’s informative and it’s crazy affordable at over a third off its regular price — only $32.99.