This article was published on November 12, 2015

Buffer’s most requested feature is finally here

Buffer’s most requested feature is finally here
Bryan Clark
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Bryan Clark

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Buffer just announced the release of the much anticipated Social Media Calendar. With it came a handful of new features that should improve the workflow of existing Buffer users all while keeping the intuitive and efficient feel that we’ve come to expect from the platform.

The feature releases, in fact, are almost as useful as the calendar itself… almost.

Let’s take a look at a few of them.


The ability to pin updates is one of the features that stands out for me. Rather than Buffer moving your posts around when you schedule new items or use the shuffle feature, the pinned post will always stay put in its assigned time slot.

This is perfect for embargoed posts, or other content that must remain secret until a specified date. Not having to worry about this getting moved to a different time slot will definitely make life a bit simpler.


Buffer’s Social Media Calendar also brings the ability to take a historical view of past posts that you’ve scheduled on Buffer. When you hover over the post, you’ll get analytic information including the number of impressions, retweets and shares.

This information is also available in the analytic dashboard, but the ability to take a quick view at recent content definitely adds to the efficiency of using Buffer.


You can also re-Buffer content with a single click. We know that the average shelf life of a Tweet, for example, is only a few minutes. Using the re-Buffer feature allows you to post the same content in multiple time slots per day, or add older archived content to the mix on your weekly planner.

Currently the Buffer Social Media Calendar is available on all plans, even the free “Awesome” plan.

Introducing the Social Media Calendar by Buffer: The Natural, Visual Way to Easily Manage All Your Social Accounts [Buffer]

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