This article was published on November 17, 2011

Buffer and Ifttt Give You Smart New Recipes for Social Sharing

Buffer and Ifttt Give You Smart New Recipes for Social Sharing

Buffer, the social network sharing service, has added more options to make sharing links on social media smarter and easier for its users through a link-up with If This, Then That (ifttt).

The partnership will allow Buffer users, who can queue up content for Twitter and Facebook to avoid flooding followers’ timelines, to set up automated settings on iftt which add new content to their Buffer stream instantly. iftt is much like an auto-feed although its settings allow user of the service to be very targeted with their filters and settings, as we found out when we looked at it earlier year.

The move will give those that use Buffer a highly customised and efficient way to add content to their queue, as co-founder Leo Widrich explained to The Next Web:

I believe we created the most efficient way ever to handle anyone’s social media and sharing efforts.

To give an idea of exactly what kind of fun users can have with this tie-up, Widrich gave us a sample of five top ‘recipes’ which tap into ifttt to send content directly to Buffer, from where it is published according to publishing times set up by each user.

Here’s a sample of what’s been cooked up:

  • Star something in Google Reader and it will be added to your Buffer to be posted at an optimal time.
  • Add any new Instagram photo and it will automatically be Buffered and Tweeted at optimal time for you.
  • Type an update into Google Talk and it will be Buffered for you.
  • Write a text message to ifttt and create a Buffered Tweet with it.
  • Save something to Delicious and at the same time Buffer it as a Tweet.

These are just a sample of the numerous recipes that Buffer and iftt have put together, more can be found and added to here.


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