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This article was published on June 30, 2011

Brilliant: Create Facebook friend lists the Google+ way, with Circle Hack

Brilliant: Create Facebook friend lists the Google+ way, with Circle Hack

Whatever you think of Google+ so far, whether you’ve had a chance to try it yet or not, there’s no doubt that one of the best things about it is the ability to create ‘circles’ of friends via a really simple ‘drag and drop’ interface. Wouldn’t it be great if Facebook friend lists were so easy? Now they are.

Circle Hack is an incredibly simple app – just log in via Facebook and all your friends are displayed in the same way as they are in Google+, except your ‘Circles’ equate to any Facebook lists you may already have. Simply drag friends on to the corresponding circle and they’re added to the list. Creating a new list is just as easy.

Facebook’s Simon Cross yesterday tweeted about Circle Hack making the point that Facebook lists have been around for a long time, despite not being a well-known feature. Perhaps that’s all down to the user interface. Last year, Mark Zuckerberg said of the flaws in Facebook’s friend organisation function, “Nobody wants to make lists”. Maybe they do, they were just looking for an easy way to do it.

Circle Hack, as well as being a fun demo of how organisation works in Google+ for people who don’t have it yet, is also a really quick and easy way of getting your Facebook friends arranged exactly how you want them. As for how to bring your Facebook friends over to Google+ see here for that.

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