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This article was published on April 10, 2012

Blottr brings citizen journalism headlines to Facebook with new app

Blottr brings citizen journalism headlines to Facebook with new app

Blottr, the ‘people powered news service’ has launched a new Facebook app so that readers can share and comment without having to leave the network.

The company originally encouraged the development of hyper-local citizen journalism in London, but then expanded to cover other cities around the UK and then moved outward to work in France and Germany.

The app for Facebook helps readers share on the network naturally as well as enabling them to report news and add content to the Blottr site. As other news outlets already have applications that highlight what friends are reading, this should bring new readers to Blottr who might not already be consumers of citizen journalism.

Offering an application like this helps Blottr complete a circuit for citizen news generation and dissemination. As contributors use social media tools to gather their news and contribute, so now they can also utilise similar media to consume it and forward it on. Blottr founder Adam Baker says:

“This move signifies the importance social media plays in the distribution, discovery and consumption of news content. Our aim is to make consuming and contributing to news-related content as efficient, simple and timely as possible. The Blottr Facebook app socially connects people with each other through the type of content they consume and makes the discovery of our content much more fluid.”

Our relationship with news has changed a great deal, many people now automatically turn to Twitter for breaking updates and mainstream outlets for supplement and analysis. Blottr is a part of that change and bringing a sophisticated application to one of the biggest social media audiences will only help to improve its impact.