This article was published on November 23, 2018

BlockShow becomes first blockchain conference to sell tickets by smart contract

Attendees can buy tickets via ethereum-based smart contracts

BlockShow becomes first blockchain conference to sell tickets by smart contract
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Next week, BlockShow is returning to Singapore for the second time after successful events in Berlin and Las Vegas. But BlockShow Asia 2018—which will take place Nov. 28 and 29—already stands out. The 3,000 expected attendees can buy tickets via ethereum-based smart contracts thanks to a partnership with Trustee, the secure and easy-to-use blockchain service providing the interface.

Booking tickets on the blockchain

The smart contract DApp enables users to book tickets directly, without any intermediaries or centralized services. Ticket ownership is granted once the transaction is confirmed in the blockchain, while attendees can also gift tickets to other people after purchasing. The account that bought the ticket is able to transfer it to any other account without any limits or intermediaries, in the same way as any other cryptocurrency. And because this is a decentralized solution, there are no limits to usage of any other wallets and interfaces as well.

This application offers a good proof point for the suggestion that blockchain could transform the ticketing industry, which has long struggled with fraud and price control, thanks in part to hard-to-squash secondary markets. With tickets digitized, sales and operations are decentralized. And on the blockchain, each ticket has a unique identity that can’t be faked.


Another exciting partnership Blockshow announced this year is with a major blockchain company Bitfury. This idea appeared when a group or individual using fake identities threatened to sabotage BlockShow Asia 2018 with explosives. In addition to reporting the threats to police and increasing security at the event, BlockShow’s organizers wanted to give attendees an opportunity to acknowledge the risks that accompany the promise of bitcoin, and to gain additional insight into their own vulnerability.

Crystal, which has assisted financial institutions and law enforcement in identifying and tracing criminal activities, assigns a risk score based on every bitcoin address that has ever appeared in the blockchain. All attendees at BlockShow Asia 2018 will have access to the Bitfury software and will be able to scan the QR code of their crypto-wallets to get their risk scores.

Next week’s conference will feature important speakers like Bobby Lee, Vincent Zhou, Stanley Yong, and Jason Hsu. You can find the full list here. On top of that, side events during Asia Blockchain Week will include an open day for accelerators and hubs, an influencers event, a pre-party, an after-party, and more.

Another VIP event, Nightshow, will take place in a business lounge on both days of the conference, and is exclusively for speakers and BlockShow VIP guests. Nightshow will have panels and speakers—including Crypto Finance board member Marc Bernegger, Radmis co-founder Penny Wong, and Chainrock partner Jeremy Show. Attendee tickets cost 1.5 ETH, while investors tickets are twice that price.

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