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This article was published on October 28, 2020

Blockchain is slowly taking over Wall Street, these eight courses will help you dive into Fintech

Blockchain is slowly taking over Wall Street, these eight courses will help you dive into Fintech
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TLDR: The Ultimate FinTech and Blockchain Bootcamp Bundle explores the ways technology and innovation are changing financial markets in front of our eyes.

With many financial institutions assuming a wait-and-see posture as the world recovers from the COVID-19 economic fallout, there’s one group that seems to be embracing Wall Street’s current uncertainty with gusto: the retail investor.

According to global market maker Citadel Securities, these amateur stock traders are currently fueling about 20 percent of the stock market activity, up from only 10 percent last year.

Those findings show a place for the lone, savvy investor in today’s financial markets. But you better know the technologies driving today’s innovations to avoid getting run over by them. Users can join this increasing group with training like that found in The Ultimate FinTech and Blockchain Bootcamp Bundle. The package is on sale now and hundreds off its regular price, only $39.99 from TNW Deals.

This collection of eight diverse courses is like a primer on 2020 global investing, with each course offering a focused look on the tech driving the world’s hottest financial climates.

And there’s a decent chance you’ve never even heard of some of these methods for improving and automating financial services.

That’s likely not the case with blockchain, the process by which investors mine bitcoin and kicked open the cryptocurrency trade. With Blockchain Essentials and Intro to Blockchain, you’ll understand what Bitcoin is, how it’s created and why blockchain may be among the most important technological innovations of the past 20 years. Intro to Stablecoin takes that learning to the next stage as users explore Stablecoin, a new variation of Bitcoin that seeks to tamp down the price volatility of that wildly swinging market.

 Meanwhile, this package also serves up Intro to InsurTech, digging into how technology is changing the insurance industry; Alternative Lending: Emerging Markets, uncovering how financial services differ in developed and emerging markets; and Intro to Startups, an ideal course for anyone who’s thinking of launching their own startup enterprise.

Finally, you’ll dive into the deepest part of the FinTech pool with Intro to Robo-Advisors, explaining online, automated, algorithm-based financial services advice; and AI in FinTech so you’ll understand how machine learning and artificial intelligence are already creeping into financial markets.

Each course in this package is a $199 value, but by getting the entire collection now, you can get them all for about $5 per course, just $39.99.