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This article was published on October 28, 2010

Blippy releases the oddest promotion we have ever seen, free nail clippers

Blippy releases the oddest promotion we have ever seen, free nail clippers

Phillip ‘Pud‘ Kaplan is a mixture of sordid internet legend and brilliant hacker, so whenever he is involved in a new project you can expect something out of the ordinary to pop up. We say that with complete respect, any man who invented F*cked Company is an ace in our books.

Pud is working his magic again, this time for Blippy, and he has outdone himself. He caught my eye today in Tweetdeck with the oddest of tweets:

I thought that his account had been hacked. To the contrary, Pud is serious, he wants to give you free nail clippers. Check out the site, wow, right?

Well, not completely free, you have to tweet out something similar to what he tweeted (their example is: “OMG FREE NAIL CLIPPERS (pass it on)”), and then ship them your Blippy username and address to get your clippers. See what they did there? You have to have a Blippy account to get the free stuff.

Aha! It is always so odd to see a viral project before it finds any legs. Judging by how ugly the free clippers site is, Pud hacked it together as an idea that could, but probably won’t, take off. By the looks of it some people are doing the task to save $1.29 on their next shopping trip. Not too many, but it is a start.

Then again, Pud was probably looking for any coverage to promote Blippy in any way, so I guess we fell for it. Anyway, I stand by my original thoughts on Blippy, whatever Louis Gray says.

Oh, and if we just got trolled, well done Pud, well done.

Update: Louis Gray has proven that the Blippy nail clippers are real. In fact, he took this picture for us to share:

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