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This article was published on May 5, 2016

Betty White speaks out about online security, tabloids and her sexual prowess

Bryan Clark
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Bryan Clark

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We’re going to go out on a limb and assume you didn’t know today was World Password Day. It’s okay, we didn’t either. Luckily, Betty White remembered. She even comes bearing gifts in the form of two short videos made in partnership with PasswordDay.org.

In the videos, White waxes poetic about online security while tip-toeing around her life as a “man maven,” thus showing the world she’s still got it. The jokes are often reaching for a punchline that just isn’t there  — “practice safe sec [security]” (sex, get it? GET IT?) — but White is enjoyable as always and the message is an important one.

Both feature spots are short (under 2 minutes) and detail the importance of an additional layer of security in the form of multi-factor authentication — adding an additional login step on top of your password, such as a fingerprint or pin code sent to a separate device.

At the close, viewers are encouraged to head to PasswordDay.org to get more information about getting on Betty White’s level of OpSec (operational security).

Considering most of hacks are the byproduct of weak passwords, White’s advice is solid. Multi-factor authentication makes your password just one part of the login process; hackers would also need to gain access to your cellphone (or fingerprint) to complete the second portion of the login. Without it, hackers can’t access your information, even if they gain access to your password.

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