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This article was published on October 21, 2008

Best Web Apps of 2005 – Where are they now?

Best Web Apps of 2005 – Where are they now?
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Former CEO of The Next Web. A fan of startups, entrepreneurship, getting things done faster, penning the occasional blog post, taking photos Former CEO of The Next Web. A fan of startups, entrepreneurship, getting things done faster, penning the occasional blog post, taking photos, designing, listening to good music and making lurrrve.

As we reach what some people are calling the “end of web 2.0” and (appropriately) the start of the next web – it seems like the perfect time to look back at some of the web apps from a few years ago and ask ‘where are they now…?’.

As a reference point, we’ll look at Dion Hinchcliffe’s Best of 2005 post.

Category: Social Bookmarking

Best Offering: del.icio.us

Status: Alive and well. Obviously acquired by Yahoo, not the dominant social bookmarking tool it once was but going strong all the same.


Status: Alive – but dying. Site is still live, not sure how many users but by the state of the homepage it doesn’t look like much care is being given.

Status: Dead.

Status: Alive. Site seems to be going strong with a decent flurry of bookmarks – but much more competition today.

Category: Start Pages

Best Offering: Netvibes

: Alive. Going strong although immense competition from both igoogle and yahoo. In April 2008 the company announced they planned to open source their widget platform, application programming interfaces, and iPhone version.


Status: Alive, just.

: Alive but Now Microsoft Live – hardly a success in the start page arena.

Category: Online To Do Lists

Best Offering:

Status: Alive. One of many todo list app but nevertheless still alive and well.


Status: Alive. Still used by many as a basic todo list with iphone and online access – although much more now an integrated feature of other 37 signals products.

Status: Alive. Still a very popular todo list app with a premium version now available. Devoted users and ever expanding features – RTM shows how it’s done.

Category: Social News

Best Offering: digg

Status: Alive: Thriving and stories of expansion into global markets and niches seem to be true. This being so, Digg does seem to have a permanent home on the ‘for sale at the right price’ listings page.


Status: Alive – but sincerely doubt it’s used all that much any more. More of a ‘see if this works’ tool.

Status: Alive but for all intensive purposes Dead. The site is up and stories are up to date (automated) however their most popular user is Lenick who has zero activity on their profile.

Status: Alive – bought by Conde Nast, recently went ‘open source’ and create your own reddits.

Category: Image Storing and Sharing

Best Offering: Flickr

Status: Alive. Sold to Yahoo and next to Facebook, the largest photo sharing site on the web.


Status: Dead. Site looks up and running, even quite new I would say but tried signing up and no luck whatsoever.

Status: Alive
, although number of visitors to the site seem to have dropped dramatically of recent according to compete.com (US Only).

Status: Very much dead.

Category: Online File Storage

Status: Alive. Although it has never taken any funding the service still managed to stay alive and kicking.

: Alive, bought my AOL however if rumours are true, AOL recently tried to sell it to no avail.

Status: Dead, officially. A recent post by Clay Cook, one of OmniDrives main investors sheds light on some of the story: Nik Cubrilovic Omnidrive lesson .

Status: Alive: with stiff competition this service is still managing to hold it’s own.

Category: Web-Based Word Processing

Best Offering: Writely

Status: Alive – Google Docs now.


Status: Alive – Less prominent then it was back in 2005, more of a feature integrated to other 37 signals products.

Status: Dead as a dodo.

Status: Alive: Flourishing with a range of other of web-office products.

Category: Online Calendars

Best Offering: CalendarHub

Status: Alive…just. Although there is very little mention of the service – it does seem to still be up and running. However their weblog seems to very much down so I doubt much work is actually been done on the app.


Status: DeadThe Massachusetts company was backed by Paul Graham’s YCombinator, but in the end just petered out and was put up for sale on ebay.

Category: Web-Based Project Management

Best Offering:

Status: Alive: Have taken funding from Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame and expanded into other other small business related products.


Alive: Recently took in $7 Million in Funding

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