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This article was published on November 8, 2010

Best Brand Viral Videos of 2010

Best Brand Viral Videos of 2010

Who doesn’t love a good viral video on Youtube? It’s every brands dream to have a video that clocks up millions of views but rather than being something that is done off the cuff brands are increasingly having to spend big money on production, ad campaigns to support the videos and other props. The rewards can be massive though as the good videos spread all over sites like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube in days with most clocking up millions of views and huge interaction. As you’ll see most of these videos are made by big brands and are clearly not the sort of videos that you just pull out a camera and film in a second! Here are the top 10 Youtube viral videos from brands in 2010…

T-Mobile Arrivals Video

This is the most recent in a string of stunning viral ads from T-Mobile in which people come together to dance in a variety of places. The latest one is set in Terminal 5 at Heathrow and you can’t help but have a huge smile on your face after watching this one.

Roger Federer Gillette

Is it real or is it fake? It’s the question that you’ll be asking after you watch this video in which Roger Federer shows incredible skill. I’m pretty much in the fake camp because he would have taken the guys head off if this was real!

The Old Spice Guy

Everybody is probably familiar with this campaign but although we all know the story line it simply has to be included in the list for it’s sheer originality. Not a single video but instead 100s of personalized videos from one of the biggest ad stars on the planet.

Samsung Video Camera

So how do you create a viral video that shows off the amazing quality of a new Samsung video camera? Well you get a crazy kid who can do pretty much anything with a business card. This simply blows my mind and the kid clearly has a lot of time on his hands!

Heineken – Men with Talent

This one is Dutch but you won’t have any trouble finding the formula that they are ripping the piss out of. More of a TV advert given the production values that a Youtube specific ad but it has been shared all over the world.

Coke – Happiness Machine

If there is one thing that Coke love doing it is making people feel good with their advertising and making them happy and this simple little idea certainly ticks those boxes. Every college should have a happiness machine!

Google Chrome – Speed Test

Even the company that owns Youtube feels they have to make videos for the platform which is what Google did with this stunning video to promote the speed of their Google Chrome browser.

BMW Table Trick

Love this little video because it really gets the message of the product across in a very short period of time and takes one of the oldest tricks in the book and puts a modern spin on it. Not a lot of views but a great concept!

The Coke Zero & Mentos Rocket Car

One of the oldest tricks in the books taken to a much bigger level. You’d expect this to go at the speed of light wouldn’t you? Maybe these 2 ingredients are actually better for eating?