This article was published on March 7, 2018

Behold — the biggest business starter package we’ve ever created… and it’s just $29

Behold — the biggest business starter package we’ve ever created… and it’s just $29
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TNW Deals

Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TNW Deals has posted some pretty killer offers in its day… but seriously, this latest bundle is the biggest collection of training and tools we’ve ever offered in the history of ever-dom. Seriously.

If you’ve recently created a startup, been thinking about forming a startup, or frankly, ever thought that one day you might want to start a startup, the Complete Startup Toolkit Bundle is the Avengers of training packages, bringing together everything you need to guarantee success.

With this bundle, you’ll have access to 23 different courses and 14 full-service apps, all geared toward getting a small business off the ground and growing the right way. And it’s a ridiculously low $29 under this limited time deal.

Since success always starts with knowledge, you’ll find 36 hours of instructional content, covering all angles of opening a business. From the ins and outs of copywriting to ways to find, convert, and grow customer bases to harnessing the power of Facebook and social media, you’ll follow all the foundational steps to getting any new endeavor started.

Armed with that knowledge, you’ll also get more than a dozen powerful apps to help you enact that knowledge and use your working hours more effectively.

For your marketing needs, you’ll get cool apps like LeadPages (create high quality landing pages), ConvertKit (generate automated email marketing), and Planable (build, preview and schedule social media content). For managing your business, you’ll find stuff like Bizplan (make your own business plan) and unique .tech or .store web domains.

You can optimize your message with CrankWheel (easy screen sharing), Cloudapp (quick screenshot creation and distribution), and StepShot Guides (make your own training videos).

And take care of the business side of self-employment with the help of Track (easy taxation for freelancers) and Twine Pro (where self-employed creatives can pitch and bid on contract work).

Of the nearly 40 items you’ll find in the Complete Startup Toolkit Bundle, almost all would cost more separately than the full cost of this package, just $29. At a retail value of almost $6,500, this is literally the biggest deal we’ve ever offered…so don’t get left out!

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