This article was published on March 5, 2019

BeeLine uses a colorful trick to boost your reading speed by up to 20%

BeeLine uses a colorful trick to boost your reading speed by up to 20%
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While speed reading may feel like a superpower, it’s really just a skill like any other, meaning it can be developed and refined with practice.

Of course, one method for improving your reading intake is to cut down on the errors that slow you down. One of the most common of those errors: skipping rows of text or accidentally re-reading the same lines.

BeeLine Reader is a speed reading tool that uses a simple method to help make sure you never stumble through your readings again. With this special limited-time offer from TNW Deals, you can lock in a lifetime of BeeLine Reader access at 89 percent off its regular price, only $22.50 with limited time promo code: DOWNLOADIT. 

BeeLine Reader has already picked up some heavyweight endorsements, including awards from Stanford University, Dell and the Tech Museum of Innovation, as well as being adopted and used by the California Public Library System.

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While it may sound tricky, BeeLine Reader has actually succeeded following a very simple formula. By shifting the color of text at the beginning and ends of each line, you can radically soup up your reading speed.

After some training, the red text you see at the end of one line will cause your eye to automatically snaps to that same red color to lead off the next line. The colors instinctively start bouncing your eye movements right to where they need to be to continue, helping your speed, concentration and ultimately your information retention improve.

In fact, you could see your reading speed improve by as much 20 percent with the service.

BeeLine works with Google Chrome and Firefox browsers — and with this nearly $200 discount, you could end up being a faster, smarter reader for the cost of a new hardcover.

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