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This article was published on October 1, 2018

Become a speed reader and retain more with this award-winning $19 training

Become a speed reader and retain more with this award-winning $19 training
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TNW Deals

Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

Some of the biggest benefits of learning to boost your reading speed are pretty obvious. You can take in information faster, increase your ability to retain that information and open yourself up to new skills that can enhance your job opportunities.

But quite possibly the greatest gift speed reading can give you is its most basic — and most overlooked — advantage. Mastering the process of speed reading requires you to increase your concentration and mental discipline. The entire procedure literally trains your brain to run more efficiently, which has implications for virtually anything you do, including reading. And who among us can’t use some mental sharpening now and again?

Get your brain purring like a European sports car with this award-winning speed reading learning training, now just $19, an over 90 percent discount, for a limited time from TNW Deals.

Your instruction begins with lifetime access to e-reading app Spreeder CX 2018. Spreeder helps you focus on boosting your RSVP (rapid serial visual presentation) skills, which is the physical motion of your eye scanning across a page of text.

With less eye movement, your reading speed will quickly surge, ultimately leading some students to reading speed increases of up to 3,400 times. And did we mention that you should experience full retention of all the information you read once you’re mastered Spreeder training?

That’s where companion course 7 Speed Reading EX 2018 comes in. Centered on how much you remember from your increased reading bursts, you’ll see lazy habits fall away as you work toward 100 percent reading retention.

Both courses are yours for life to help reinforce and refresh your training, so get this nearly $500 package for less than $10 a course, just $19.