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This article was published on January 3, 2019

Become a smarter marketer. Shorten and track links for $39 with Poplink

Become a smarter marketer. Shorten and track links for $39 with Poplink
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TNW Deals

Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

If you want to direct someone to a specific page on your website, what do you tell people? “Well, go to our homepage, then click on the products tab, and scroll down and choose the dohickey listing, then…” Of course, if you want to actually share a link to the page, the link is likely 100-plus characters long, filled with random letter-number sequences that are cumbersome at best.

With Poplink, you can not only craft concise, memorable short links for all your sharing, but they’re optimized to the hilt. Right now, you can score a lifetime of Poplink Link Shortener access for over 90 percent off, $39 for the startup plan or $79 for the professional plan from TNW Deals.

Poplink handles two major web directing tasks in one simple package. In addition to allowing you to fashion short, snappy memorable URL links for all your postings, the service’s easy-to-navigate dashboard can help you better understand your audience. Poplink lets you build special URLs for each social platform, helping you understand exactly how every view is getting to your content.

With Poplink, you can add a specific domain, edit your link images, create custom descriptions, and add pop-ups, then share it through any top social media platform and follow it all seamlessly with advanced analytics. If you want to make sharing a load easy and watch your clickthrough rates soar, Poplink is a great place to start.

Clean up your link traffic and know what’s working with a lifetime subscription to Poplink, a nearly 4,000 service that’s ultra-discounted to only $39 while this offer lasts.