This article was published on August 25, 2019

Beat the average price on this bundle and get these Microsoft Office courses

Beat the average price on this bundle and get these Microsoft Office courses
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: Get five courses on all of Microsoft Office’s most popular apps — and pay your price

After three decades as the dominant productivity software anywhere, the Microsoft Office suite of programs have been around almost as long as personal computing. And even now, with most Microsoft Office users shifting to the company’s Office 365 cloud-based apps, there’s a good chance perennial favorites like Word, Excel and Outlook will stay relevant for years to come.

Since you’ll likely be crafting PowerPoint presentations wherever you’re working in 2032, you might as well get up to speed now with the training in the Essential Microsoft Office 2019 Bundle. It’s extra attractive since you can get it for any price you want to pay.

By paying any amount at all, you’ll get the Microsoft Word course. While you’ve likely been composing reports with Word since grade school, this training takes you inside all the hidden features and rich customization options that make Word training so versatile and valuable.

Of course, Word is only one jewel in the Office crown, so by beating the average price paid by other buyers, you’ll automatically unlock access to four more courses digging deep into Office’s most popular apps.

The Microsoft Excel Course and Advanced Microsoft Excel take you inside all the nuanced data presentation abilities in that Excel spreadsheet from automating data entry to simplifying complex formulas to data visualizations with over 48 hours of training. 

Next, the Microsoft PowerPoint Course will help you create multimedia presentations that are clean, visually engaging and packed with important information. And finally, the Microsoft Outlook Course will have you composing and sending emails that create the right impression, while organizing the chaos that can plague your email inbox. 

Altogether, it’s more than 74 hours of in-depth Microsoft Office knowledge, assembled so you can learn it all easily at your own pace. While each course retails for $49.99 by itself, by getting this TNW Deal right now, you can save literally hundreds on this valuable training.

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