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This article was published on January 2, 2010

Dorthy: the “Dream” Search Engine

Dorthy: the “Dream” Search Engine
Charles Knight
Story by

Charles Knight

Charles Knight is the editor of The Next Web Search. Charles Knight is the editor of The Next Web Search.

14770_300Dorthy.com just launched a new version of their goals and ambitions site, and you’ll be happy to know they’ve lifted the waitlist.

This release makes it easier for you to create living pages about anything you’re interested in, want to learn, or achieve, which is why Dorthy is also known as the “Dream Search Engine.”

Each page you create searches the web 24/7 for the most relevant content providing collaborative and actionable results that learn from your activity, enhancing and customizing with each interaction.

Some of the new features that Dorthy is introducing include:

A New User Interface and Messaging
In this release they redesigned each page with new messaging, increased usability, and faster load times. This makes it easier to navigate throughout your search pages and discover new pages that other users have created.

A New Community Area on each dreampage
Each page now has a Community section where you can subscribe to similar search activity and learn from others who share your interest. They also made commenting global rather than unique for each page,  so now you can see what others have said about each search result.

Sharing Features
Now you can sync your Twitter and Facebook accounts and share content you find, and the pages you create. They also created their own Tiny URL system so you won’t be bogged down with long URL’s on your posts.

Introducing Twitter Search and Twitter Communities
Once you sync your Twitter account, they conduct Twitter searches on each of your dreampages and show you the Twitter activities that are specifically related to your interest. The new interface allows you to reply to and engage in these conversations – filtering through the irrelevant clutter of the typical Twitter experience. This allows your social experience to be topic driven rather than the personality focus of traditional social networking services.

Open Authentication
They’ve launched a new Discover section that allows you to browse through public search pages other users have created and see their shared activity. These pages are available and indexed by traditional search engines.


Registering to use the site
They’ve also implemented Facebook Connect (see above), making it easier for you to sign up and login.

Dorthy says, “Coming soon we’ll be integrating a new way to browse the blogs and articles that Dorthy.com’s Living Search finds for you. We’re also in final testing with new learning technologies that help each page get smarter from your activity and find customized results more quickly. As you know, Dorthy.com’s power to deliver results is due to its enhanced artificial intelligence search engine that uses natural language processing, common sense reasoning, semantic understanding, and machine learning technologies. Each of which we have built from the ground up over the last two years.”

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