This article was published on July 15, 2017

Be the public face of a company — and get paid handsomely — with this training

Be the public face of a company — and get paid handsomely  — with this training
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

Public relations professionals generally fall into one of two categories: 1. Men and women you’d classify as engaging “people” persons; or, 2. Men and women who can clearly and effectively deliver a message. Preferably, the right public face for any company is both.

For those who may find themselves lacking or looking for a brush-up in one or both of these categories, the Digital Media and Public Relations Course Bundle ($29, 85 percent off its regular price from TNW Deals) might just do the trick to launch you into that exciting career field.

The two-course package pulls apart the elements needed to deliver a company or organization’s finely honed message while acting as a type of brand ambassador when engaging with media outlets as well as the general public.

Your first course — Certificate In Media and Public Relations Online — takes you through the career basics, including everything from crafting an effective introduction, making a great first impression, networking, conversation and appearance pointers, and even tricks for making sure you remember names correctly. This course also aims to sharpen your writing, no matter whether you’re writing full reports, press releases, general notes, or even Facebook posts and tweets.

In course 2, Certificate In Internet Marketing Fundamentals Online, you’ll be exposed to some of the more industry-specific tactics and techniques for tailoring a media outreach strategy. From marketing research, brand management, product development and SWOT analysis all the way through to digital age arenas like social media approaches, SEO and web analytics, this course pulls back the curtain on exactly how companies interact with the outside world — and how you can best position yourself and your organization for success.

Usually $200, you can get this complete PR and digital media training at a significant discount, only $29 under this limited time deal.

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