This article was published on January 4, 2010

Be a Guru for recommendation engine Glue

Be a Guru for recommendation engine Glue
Charles Knight
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Charles Knight

Charles Knight is the editor of The Next Web Search. Charles Knight is the editor of The Next Web Search.

image_1There were several possible titles for this one. I was thinking of “I’m stuck on GetGlue.” Or, “Sniffing around GetGlue” (I got a million of ’em.) Anyway, GetGlue by AdaptiveBlue is one of the recommendation engines that “learn” about you by a) getting you to fill out a survey or profile, b) getting you to rate or review items, or c) watching your search history patterns. GetGlue has you click the “I Like It” button.

Recommendation engines also work on three levels, or rather three concentric circles. You and your likes / dislikes are in the center. Your friends form a ring around you, and the whole GetGlue community forms the largest circle.

Sometimes, however, the wisdom of the crowds (or your friends) is not so wise, and so GetGlue allows for a Guru for each area that they cover. Here I am applying for Guru status and a new topic. The current selection of topics is too unbalanced with Travel and Answer sites, but that should improve with time.


Sign up for GetGlue here and see if you like it.

stickersHere is what GetGlue says about becoming a Guru:

“With Glue you can be recognized as the Guru of specific books, movies, music, etc that you feel passionate about. There can only be one Guru per item, so you may have to work for the honor.”

One of the fringe benefits to becoming a guru is permission to put these nifty stickers on your site! Seriously, it could impress your readers (It can’t hurt.)

Or check out the breezy one minute movie after the break.

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