This article was published on May 6, 2020

Avoid the copyright traps with this AI-powered stock image library

Avoid the copyright traps with this AI-powered stock image library
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TLDR: JumpStory is the stock graphics answer to all your digital creative needs with more than 25 million images, graphics, videos and more available for all personal and commercial use.

If you’re interested in one of the stickiest legal realms in modern life, look no further than the incredibly thorny world of copyright infringement law. In just the past few weeks, Sinclair Media, Ford Motors, Jennifer Lopez and LeBron James have all been the targets of lawsuits claiming they illegally used a photo or other media without proper permission.

In LeBron’s case, he used an image of himself throwing down a dunk during a game on his Facebook page. Problem is, he didn’t ask the photographer who snapped that photo — and now that photog is suing King James for a king’s ransom.

If you’re creating a website, marketing materials, a poster or anything that may require images, videos and other graphics, you need to be incredibly clear about the origins of those elements you’re using — or possibly pay a stiff consequence.

Access to the archives of JumpStory Authentic Stock Photography ($99.99 for a lifetime subscription, over 90 percent off from TNW Deals) not only clear all your legal obligations, but their vast stockpile means you’ll be able to find exactly the graphic element you want the way you need it.

And vast only scratches the surface on what JumpStory has to offer. Your access opens their stockpile of more than 25 million images, illustrations, vector icons and videos, all downloadable and cleared for all personal and commercial use on your blog, website, emails, social media and more. In fact, JumpStory grows daily, adding about 20,000 new images to the collection every 24 hours.

But unlike other services, JumpStory isn’t just images. In addition to the 20 million photos in their archives, you’ll also get access to 500,000 professional videos, 500,000 illustrations, 100,000 vector graphics, 50,000 icons, 50,000 fonts and even music to use license-free in all of your projects.

With the on-board image editor, you can make any JumpStory asset fit your needs, from basic cropping to color adjustments to adding your own logo to any image. Their AI tool even takes editing the next level with features like automatically removing image backgrounds in seconds.

JumpStory is so smart that their HighJumper AI tool can even assess the images you’re interested in using and accurately predict which ones will have the most impact on your audience.

Usually valued at $2,340, you can get a lifetime of JumpStory Authentic Stock Photography access now for a tiny fraction of that total, only $99.99 for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

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