This article was published on February 3, 2018

Attack three huge business problem areas in just 30 days

Attack three huge business problem areas in just 30 days
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If you’re working in a nowhere job or feeling directionless in your current career, it can seem like climbing out of that hole is a nearly impossible mission. Questions over how to get started and what steps to take next can make embarking on even those first steps toward progress seem hopeless.

Well, improving your life is never hopeless. In fact, if you’re focused on starting a business, growing a brand or bolstering your technical skills, there’s a 30-day plan to get you there. With the One Month’s Growth Hacking course bundle ($29.99, 76 percent off from TNW Deals), you’ll have an actual concrete game-plan for moving your business — and your life — forward.

The package includes three classes, each featuring a 30-day course of action to take you from novice to knowledgeable in three key disciplines.

One Month Growth Hacking – Growth hacking is like a marketing plan on steroids. Through a combination of targeted promotions (via platforms like Facebook, Dropbox and more) and analytics tracking, your goal is maximum growth in a very short window. This course helps you develop that plan, execute it and know how to adjust to achieve real product growth.

One Month Programming for Non Programmers – If you’ve ever wanted to dive into coding, but found yourself intimidated by the steep learning curve, this course is for you. You’ll cover everything from front-end and back-end development to understanding user experience to creating three web projects from the ground up. By the time you’re done, you’ll be market-viable in a month.

One Month Innovation – If you thought innovation didn’t work on a schedule, think again. This course plots out your 30-day action plan for generating new business concepts, crafting that idea in a working model, then launching that idea in a real-world environment. Create, examine, and evaluate ideas, analyze their impacts and build a four-week roadmap for getting that plan up and running.

With these courses, you’ll not only learn specifics for making a splash in three vital business sectors, but you’ll learn the framework for applying that knowledge into other fields. These courses are a $130 value, but you can get all three right now for just $29.99 with this limited time offer.

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