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This article was published on April 30, 2015

April’s top TNW Deals: Grab them while you can!

April’s top TNW Deals: Grab them while you can!
TNW Deals
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TNW Deals

Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

For folks looking to upgrade their computing skills and security, April was a good month at TNW Deals, but there was also plenty for music lovers and gadget owners.

Here is the highlights package…

70% off a VPN Unlimited Lifetime Subscription – now $39


Using a virtual private network keeps snoopers out of your browsing, and VPN Unlimited adds encryption for further privacy. As the name suggests, the service comes with no limits on data usage and connection speed, and it offers servers around the world — useful for accessing region-locked content. Plus, it works on mobile.

TNW Deals currently has 70% off the price of a lifetime subscription, bringing it down to $39. Grab it now for unlimited secure browsing.

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94% off the Complete 2015 Learn to Code Bundle, 8 courses for $59


This bundle does what it says on the label — it offers a comprehensive introduction to all the major languages and frameworks every developer needs to know. Spread over 74 hours of training, the eight courses cover web design and development (incl. HTML, CSS, JS, PHP), app development and deployment (incl. Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Heroku), penetration testing, and rapid prototyping.

Head over to TNW Deals to grab this coding education for $59 — 94 percent off for a limited time.

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90% off the Linux Learner Bundle, $49 for 5 courses


The Linux operating system continues to grow in popularity, and this bundle of five courses teaches it in depth. It starts with a crash course for beginners, which covers all the basic features before looking at servers, and the file structure of Linux. Higher level skills are taught by the other courses — setting up and running Linux and Ubuntu servers, and how to use penetration testing to check the security of your setup.

You can currently pick up this bundle at TNW Deals for $49, which is 90 percent off the standard price of the courses.

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72% off the Wireless Cloud Buds — just $29.99, with international shipping available


Designed to take the tangle out of music listening, the Cloud Buds use Bluetooth to provide a crystal-clear wireless connection, with a range of 30 feet. Their name gives an indication of how light they are, and they come with earhooks and multiple sizes of gelled earbuds to ensure a snug fit. Audio quality is nice, too, aided by a noise-canceling outer shell.

Head over to TNW Deals to pick up these ‘buds for $29.99, which is 72 percent off the standard price, with free US shipping. For just $5 more, you can get international shipping.

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72% off the Power Vault 18,000 mAh Battery, $29.99 with international shipping available


The Power Vault proves that backup batteries don’t have to be massive to offer plenty of juice. It is barely thicker than an iPhone and weighs only 0.58lbs, but it can recharge a phone or tablet several times over, and even keep a laptop running. It also has dual USB ports for simultaneous charging (2.1A and 1A outputs), and it is protected by an aluminum casing.

With 72 percent off, you can currently grab the Power Vault for $29.99 over at TNW Deals, with free US shipping, and it’s only $5 more for international shipping.

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