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This article was published on October 14, 2016

Apple Watch could one day identify users via heartbeat

Apple Watch could one day identify users via heartbeat
Bryan Clark
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Bryan Clark

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Mobile devices (and wearables) are the obvious fit for biometric security measures. Whether it’s the seemingly far-fetched RFID or NFC implants, or more standard faire like retinal scanning and fingerprint sensors, security that exceeds the common password is on the horizon — or already here.

Apple Watch isn’t immune to progress on this front.

In a patent application published today, Apple details a process that would measure the oxygen content in blood. We’re not there yet, but the patent details that it’s at least something the company is interested in exploring. In fact, Apple may have been interested in the technology for a while. A first-generation Apple Watch was determined to include the necessary hardware for doing just this, but was never activated.

Now, it seems Apple has a renewed interest in the technology. According to the filing:

Light emitters and light sensors can be used to perform biometric identification of a user based on identifying characteristics of the user’s vasculature. For example, light information can be obtained at one or more light sensors, and the information can be compared to stored information associated with a user identity. Based on the comparison, the user of the device can be identified as having the user identity.

If the company chooses to include the technology from the patent application, future models could create a unique signature for the wearer using nothing more than your heartbeat. Or, Apple could grow board with the tech and completely ignore the patent (if approved). You never really know.

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