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This article was published on September 7, 2016

‘Apple Plug’ kills the headphone jack in your existing iPhone so you don’t have to upgrade

‘Apple Plug’ kills the headphone jack in your existing iPhone so you don’t have to upgrade
Bryan Clark
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Bryan Clark

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Bryan is a freelance journalist. Bryan is a freelance journalist.

Wish your iPhone 6s didn’t have a headphone jack, like the shiny new iPhone 7? If dropping the headphone jack left a hole in your heart — and your 6s — now there’s a solution: plug it with ‘Apple Plugs.’

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Apple’s new ‘AirPods’ are completely wireless, but nothing new. We’ve had Bluetooth headphones for ages now. In fact, your iPhone 6 or 6s can (so can the Plus models) utilize them right now. Instead of forking over $700-ish dollars for a new model without the headphone jack, just shove a piece of metal in it and pretend it doesn’t exist — solidarity, brother.

The Apple Plug, lets you do just that with one of their finely-crafted (presumably) connectors designed to “fill in your archaic headphone connector with beautiful aluminum and plug yourself into the future.”

In case you were about to whip out the debit card, you can go ahead and put it back in your wallet. The product is a joke at Apple’s expense. Many believe, after all, that there’s nothing earth-shattering enough in the iPhone 7 to force an upgrade. Nicer Studio took that as an invitation to throw a few subtle jabs Apple’s way.

And jab it did. Nicer did a great job at poking fun at both Apple’s minimalist design aesthetic and its often over-the-top copy. I nearly lost it at ‘Just trust us. It’s better.’

h/t Aeryk Payne

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