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This article was published on February 17, 2018

Apple employees keep running into walls at its new spaceship campus

Apple employees keep running into walls at its new spaceship campus
Bryan Clark
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Bryan Clark

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An architectural marvel, perhaps no building sums up the company it contains better than Apple’s “spaceship” campus. The impressive structure houses some 13,000 employees, each contained within barely there walls overflowing with giant panes of glass — some standing as high as 45- feet. The inner offices are more of the same, steel and glass, an homage to the industrial design aesthetic that Apple has cultivated throughout its product line over the last decade.

Though aesthetically pleasing, the glass has proven to be a hindrance to employees.

According to persons familiar with the matter, Apple employees can’t seem to stop running into the glass walls at the new campus. The staff, much like staff at any other office, often finds themselves glued to their mobile devices while shuttling from meeting to meeting. And in their distracted state, many are getting a harsh reality check as they run face-first into the aesthetically-pleasing walls.

Some have resorted to marking the danger areas with Post-it notes, although sources report these have since been removed as they reduce the visual appeal of the minimalist office space.

This isn’t the first time its penchant for minimalist design has put the company in hot water. In 2011, an 83-year-old woman ran into a glass wall at one of the company’s New York Apple Store locations. The woman fractured her nose and sued the company for failing to post a warning on the glass to warn shoppers of its existence.

The suit was settled in 2013, with no cost to Apple.

We’ve reached out to Apple for more information, but the company didn’t immediately respond to our request. It’s unclear how many incidents there have been, but sources tell us there have been no serious injuries caused by run-ins with glass at Apple’s new campus.


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