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This article was published on June 17, 2010

And the first Twitter paid trending topic? Disney/Pixar.

And the first Twitter paid trending topic?  Disney/Pixar.

We’ve heard about them for months, the forthcoming Promoted Tweets.  Now, they’re here.  And oddly enough, they’re not as annoying as we might have thought.

According to the story at TechCrunch, and verified on Twitter.com itself, Disney/Pixar has spent some dough to promote Toy Story 3.

You’ll find the paid topic at the bottom of the list, which is somewhat surprising.  Clicking on it will take you a search list for the topic, with the promoted tweet at the top.  The rest of the list is a normal search list on Twitter.

Granted, not every promoted topic will have a promoted tweet at the top, but in typical Disney form, they’ve laid out the cash.  For Disney’s sake, I hope the tweet does well, because Twitter is making no bones about pulling ads that don’t “resonate” with the Twitterverse.