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This article was published on May 27, 2017

How An Ambitious Startup Innovated Digital for B2B and B2C Companies

How An Ambitious Startup Innovated Digital for B2B and B2C Companies
Robert Hellson
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Robert Hellson


I love reading and travelling. They encourage me to derive new insights from beyond my pair of tinted glasses. I relish the simple joy of co I love reading and travelling. They encourage me to derive new insights from beyond my pair of tinted glasses. I relish the simple joy of cooking a meal and sharing it with others. I enjoy researching on new market products, and maintaining my blogs.

Business is not just a single entity but a combination of things. Every business becomes great because their leaders realize the importance of creation of an efficient network of humans that will support it no matter what. Cisco, known as “The Human Network”, demonstrates the point pretty well.

The human network is the main ingredient that gives businesses a perspective for the future., an innovative startup from NYC, has positioned its business model to make the most out of the “human network” principle.

An Ambitious Startup

Every year dozens of startups go out of business or die slowly at the initiation stage. This isn’t what happened to Launched by Sergey Grybniak in 2016, the startup managed not only to survive and but also to attract real customers.

Since the launch, the growth has been phenomenal, and it is no wonder why. The platform sports the X-factor for small- and mid-sized companies – it helps them carve out a completely new niche for their customers. was featured on the famous startup platform Startup Inspire.

Human Network in Action is hardly a mainstream startup, which model is based on providing information about products and services. is way too different and has transformed the B2C and B2B dimensions. Let’s dig deeper to learn about the concept of this automated business solution of the 21st century.

Opporty is just like Facebook for companies and entrepreneurs. It is a smart social platform that has finally put an end to the time-consuming procedure of obtaining information about a specific business or that particular freelancer.

Some people may find similarities between LinkedIn and Opporty, but, actually, they are quite different. LinkedIn is a network for professionals, not businesses. In Opporty’s case though, we have a smart social network that is honed for quick interaction and fast decisions. Operating on the “time is money” principle, the platform allows company owners and individual service providers to save a lot of time.

A Platform for Small Businesses

Every country works hard to support small companies simply because they are the backbone of any economy. Opporty has been created to support small businesses as well. It simplifies B2B and B2C communication and engagement; intensifies sales.

Companies do everything they can to reach potential and existing customers through hefty marketing and, eventually, spend lots of time and money. solves this problem by giving small businesses direct access to their vital customers in their region. The Opporty community works as information broadcaster for the aspiring participants.

The proper connection and communication of businesses with prospective customers and clients is critical, too. Opporty helps business owners garner the benefits of Opporty’s ability to attract potential customers almost instantly with its convenient B2B and B2C network. Also, Opporty’s vast social network allows professionals to easily connect with each other and find business that they are eager to cooperate with.

A Platform for Contractors and Freelancers

Independent contractors and freelancers are hardly an unusual sight today. Basically, every company has hired a contractor or freelancer at least once. Here is where Opporty shines.

The platform connects contractors and freelancers with business owners who are willing to pay for their services. If any company looks for experienced employees, Opporty will be a perfect platform to register to find them.

Freelancers can rely on Opporty’s user-friendly environment as well. While finding a good job as freelancer is fairly difficult today, Opporty can help. It allows freelancers to get recognized for their amazing work and receive a continuous stream of well-paid orders.

More Benefits of Using Opporty

Opporty is not just a social platform for businesses. It enables companies to generate traffic and leads. Thanks to its unique features, Opporty allows businesses to make customized offers directly to their customers.

Driving consistent, high-quality traffic and backlinks is essential to growing any business in the digital space. The more your business grows online, the more customers it can potentially reach, convert into leads and close as customers. The Opporty network is what every business needs in order to succeed in this dimension.

You may be wondering what Opporty can possibly offer to individuals who are neither a business nor a contractor. As a diverse, thriving community, Opporty empowers individuals, allowing them to compare products, services and companies, rate them and leave reviews. It encourages customers to make better decisions and get the best value for their money. Not to mention that they can easily add requests and submit offers.

Businesses should always look for platforms that improve the chance of getting better and allow reaching out to potential customers. Here is why Opporty should be a logical choice for each and every business. Try this B2B and B2C platform for a truly unique experience.