This article was published on May 17, 2016

Amazon Fire TV gets Siri-like voice control, powered by Alexa

Amazon Fire TV gets Siri-like voice control, powered by Alexa
Bryan Clark
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Bryan Clark

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Between controlling Echo speaker, Fire TV and ordering your laundry detergent, chances are you’ve come to rely on Amazon to get things done around the house.

Today, the list of things Amazon and Alexa can control just grew again, this time to include more requests for streaming video from add-on subscriptions like HBO Go, Showtime, and of course, Amazon’s own Prime video. The update will arrive on the Amazon Fire TV and you’ll be able to control 59 content partners via Alexa – no need for additional peripherals.

You’ll also be able to open these third-party content providers with commands like “Open HBO Now” or “Launch Hulu,” as well specifying TV shows within the services (“Watch ‘Veep'”).

If that weren’t enough, you can find local movie show times, access YouTube’s 4k Ultra HD library, search Kindle e-books (and have Alexa read to you), and find nearby restaurants and businesses. Who needs remote controls anymore?

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