This article was published on March 9, 2011

After Twitter updates the #dickbar, new iPhone bugs emerge

After Twitter updates the #dickbar, new iPhone bugs emerge

Twitter finally gave in to calls to remove the famous floating #dickbar (Quickbar) this morning, issuing a number of fixes that for its iPhone application that firmly placed trending topics at the top of the window and addressed issues that users had reported.

Shortly after the release hit the App Store and users started to update the official client, various bugs came to light that will almost certainly drive iPhone owners away from the Twitter application, if they weren’t already considering it.

There are two issues we have come across since the update – one includes an erratic Quickbar, the other brings back the unread Direct Messages bug that Twitter for iPhone users have experienced in previous versions of the app:

The floating #dickbar appears to be affecting only a small number of users, but the unread DM bug is affecting a larger amount of Twitter for iPhone users, judging by tweets taken from a Twitter Search.

Twitter user @hdkzii reports that every time the Twitter application is loaded, the top three Direct Messages are always marked as unread, with the app crashing just minutes after being opened.

Perhaps the most trivial of the reported issues is why Twitter for iPhone constantly displays the location icon when it is in use. Users have commented on the persistent location notification on the iPhone’s topbar:

We weren’t able to reproduce the issue, we assume it only requests location data if a user has specified the app to do so.

With users still irate that Twitter has decided to “force” advertising on its users, these issues will need to be addressed quickly by the team before iPhone and iPod Touch users start looking for alternatives.

We have reached out to Twitter to make them aware of the bugs and are awaiting a response. We will update once we know more.

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