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This article was published on September 6, 2016

After the Apple event, catch Sony’s expected announcement of two new PS4’s tomorrow

After the Apple event, catch Sony’s expected announcement of two new PS4’s tomorrow Image by: Peter Kotoff / Shutterstock
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In what can only be thought of as thoughtful timing, Sony is expected to announce two new PlayStation 4’s tomorrow, after the Apple event. Sony’s event starts at 3pm EST and is expected to feature the announcement of both the PS4 ‘Neo’ and ‘Slim.’

The Slim shouldn’t offer much aside from improved aesthetics. The newer, thinner PlayStation is par the course at around the mid-life point for most consoles and isn’t likely to add any additional horsepower or mind-blowing features. Think of this one in terms of incremental updates and cooler form factor, a console you’d buy if you were currently going to buy one anyway — not something you’d trade in your existing PS4 for.

PlayStation’s Neo, however is something else altogether. Hyped as a gaming beast that should improve VR performance, the new PS4 will run native 4k games as well as adding semi-significant hardware updates. Sony has said that it’ll run the entire library of existing PS4 games as well and that new native 4k games would still run on a standard console — so no need to worry about compatibility updates.

Aside from that, we should get news on Sony’s VR lineup this fall.

Stay tuned.

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