This article was published on February 20, 2008

Adsense in Adobe Flash now possible

Adsense in Adobe Flash now possible
Steven Carrol
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Steven Carrol

Steven is a web applications developer, living in south of France, originally from London. His current project is In the nin Steven is a web applications developer, living in south of France, originally from London. His current project is In the nineties, he was a designer / director of a highly successful design, manufacturing and distribution company (Intimidation).

Until now it has not been possible for Flash developers to embed Adsense or any other ad-networks ads into a Flash widget. Adobe have made it clear from the beginning that this is something beyond the scope of the technology which has increasingly become a thorn in the side and ‘the most serious limitation’ for Flash developers to realize profit from their applications.

There are now literally hundreds of millions of Flash widgets embedded all over the web, mostly on third party sites, where the widget developers would JUST LOVE to monitise that content with Adsense and other ad networks. So a solution for this Major Dilemma is long over due and the prize for best hackers of the year goes to Scribd who have just launched a new product (IPAPER) that incorporates the said invention. In their own words and from their site come these lovely words:

Monetize Your Documents
If you have documents on your website, you could be missing out on a monetization opportunity. You advertise on your web pages, why not your documents? iPaper integrates a sophisticated ad system by Google that automatically targets ads to the content of your documents. By switching to iPaper, you can immediately begin to monetize your documents. All you have to do is collect the checks.

Click image to see a working example Flash widget with Adsense.

Hacked Solution
Now as they have cracked / hacked a way round one of the greatest limitations of Flash widgets this is going to revolutionize the web! Specifically increasing incentives for the hundreds of thousands of developers who are using Flash to make embeddable features for third party networks such as Facebook et al.

No one has yet come up with any serious solutions for monitising Flash content to date. The workarrounds have been to get ads into the widgets with pre/post rolls and overlays as seen on Veoh.None of these alternative methods have gained any serious traction so far. Adsense is still the most popular ad network out there with its simple setup process, relevant ads, and no shortage of paying advertisers.

I am currently awaiting comment from Adobe and Google about this hack which in my opinion is one of the most disruptive technologies to NOT be announced this year. We will update this article further as breaking news comes in.

Major kudos / applause goes out to the Scribd hackers who obviously have some ultra dangerous developers and luckily for the world at large, are currently in bonafide work!

Award For Best Hacker of Hacks
The source code for their hack can be found Here. The first hacker to develop an API thus opening this as a feature for use by third parities will get more link juice than honey ever harvested and will also win our award for the best Hacker of Hacks this year!

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