This article was published on February 4, 2020

Adobe CC got your head spinning? Give PixTeller a try

Adobe CC got your head spinning? Give PixTeller a try
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: PixTeller handles all the editing and design elements you’d expect from the world’s most powerful online design platform. It’s also almost 85% off.

Adobe’s Creative Cloud is a go-to creative platform for a reason. Whether you need to retouch some images or mockup an entire website, there’s a tool in Adobe’s suite that has you covered—if you’re willing to foot the enormous subscription fee, that is. And once you’re there, deciphering the interface to control that vast array of creative power is an unquestionably steep learning curve as well.

Of course, there are plenty of times you just want to do a quick resizing. Or adjust an image tint. And, it sure would be nice if you didn’t have to work through so many controls that it feels like launching a space shuttle to get it done.

PixTeller is billed as the world’s most powerful online design tool, yet it hasn’t forgotten that it needs to be usable, too. Right now, you can pick up a three-year subscription to PixTeller from TNW Deals for just $49.99, 84 percent off the regular price.

And yes, it’s billed the world’s most powerful online design tool because it’s just as feature-packed as Photoshop. And while you can do all the image editing tasks you need to have your photos looking brilliant, PixTeller brings a massive library of design elements as well to create and customize any image for a website, print, social media or virtually anywhere.

Users can choose from 134,000 different pre-built design templates, then make it your own with 1.5 million license-free images, over 100,000 different shapes, plus fonts, gradients and extra tools that number in the thousands.

Just like Photoshop, you can also create quick animations in PixTeller. Just pick from almost 160 different pre-made animation designs, then customize away for your own cool GIFs and videos.

While you can save almost $300 with the limited time 3-year PixTeller subscription for only $49.99, you can also save over 80 percent off right now on shorter 2-year ($29.99) and 1-year ($19.99) offers as well.

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PixTeller PRO Online Editor Subscriptions – $49.99

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