This article was published on September 12, 2021

Add an extra screen — or two — to your laptop at a wallet-friendly price

Add an extra screen — or two — to your laptop at a wallet-friendly price
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TLDR: Expand your laptop desktop space with these HD-ready 1080p monitors for boosting your work efficiency instantly.

With our new, more decentralized workforce, it’s become increasingly important to earn an edge in your day-to-day productivity. Sitting in your remote, work-from-house office, staying focused on the job and turning out top-quality work is even more critical than ever.

One way to help make that happen is by turning your laptop into a multi-headed dual-screen or even triple-screen efficiency heavyweight by adding a Mobile Pixels TRIO to your computer setup. Right now, a single-screen addition is available for just $256.99, while the dual screen accessory is only $512.99.

Microsoft knows workplace efficiency, so when they found adding a second screen can boost a user’s productivity by as much as 50 percent, it outlines what a difference all that extra desktop space can make.

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Created by a pair of MIT students and launched with $1 million in Indiegogo funding, the TRIO uses magnetic adhesives to clip seamlessly to the back of a laptop monitor. With a sliding, 270-degree rotation and a simple USB connection, users just shift the screen to the side and they have a working dual-screen desktop. Or with a dual TRIO, pull out a third screen for an epically widescreen presentation.

This HD-capable 1080p monitor is ultra-lightweight and compact, sliding easily back behind your laptop monitor for protected, easy transport anywhere you need to take your mobile workstation.

Monitors can even flip around 180 degrees to serve as brilliant presentation screens, allowing you to show a document or video to an audience on one screen while you consult your notes on the other.

The TRIO plays nice with almost all variety of tech, integrating seamlessly with any Mac, Linux, Chrome, and Android devices via a single USB cable. That connection serves to channel both power and data, so your setup would be awash in messy cords either.

Right now, you can get a Mobile Pixel Trio to fit your 13 or 14-inch laptop screen model for just $256.99; or step up to the triple-screen edition for only $512.99. Those packages will also earn shoppers an extra $20 or $30 of store credit respectively with their purchase. Just make the buy and the credit should appear in your TNW Deals account within 7 to 10 days.

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