This article was published on June 12, 2015

A New Infrastructure For A Knowledge Economy

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Wikipedia, Mozilla Foundation, Linux Foundation, Internet Archive, EFF—The Internet has evolved a set of non-profits that are more than trade groups; they orchestrate the running of parts of the Internet. This is both interesting and non-intuitive. Maybe there is a reason.

Open source software is well suited in non-profits as we have seen with Open Office and countless other projects. Furthermore, free and open source software has outcompeted proprietary software in a number of cases. Open source seems well suited for the Internet.

Joining the two could mean we have a more suitable organizational structure (non-profit) and better interaction system (free and open source) for the knowledge economy.

This talk will explore how high-tech non-profits are creating infrastructure and services for a productive and fun world. Maybe we should leverage this model in more cases.