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This article was published on February 10, 2012

A Geek’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

A Geek’s Guide to Valentine’s Day
Lian Amaris
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Lian Amaris

Lian Amaris is a writer, artist, and designer based in the Bay Area. She has Master’s degrees in Interactive Telecommunications and Performa Lian Amaris is a writer, artist, and designer based in the Bay Area. She has Master’s degrees in Interactive Telecommunications and Performance Studies, both from NYU, and is currently the Product and Creative Director at Enole. She is a co-founder of and was a 2011 writing resident with Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts in NYC.

If your idea of giving flowers includes @>–,–‘–  and the only arrow to your heart is through Skyrim, you might need some help this Valentine’s Day. To level up your Cupid status, here is a special V-Day primer in honor of the geeks and those who love them. From nerd-worthy dates to romantic techy gestures, this geek guide goes beyond the nerdy gift websites and will help you show your Valentine how much you truly <3 them.

Leaving the House

Even if you’ve decided to exchange gifts, planning a date is often the most harrowing part of Valentine’s Day. Here are a some geek-worthy experiences that will lure even the most dedicated programmer away from that database for a little while.

Quit playing games with my heart, just play games! Find an old-fashioned arcade for a retro Ms. Pacman battle royale or hit up a spot like Dave and Buster’s for some cocktails and zombie games.

Lots of people love going to museums, but for a sexier learning and viewing experience, pay a visit to a Sex Museum this Valentine’s Day. You’ll get to see everything from the physiological effects of the orgasm to the construction of sex toys through the ages. Consider it worthwhile research.

Staying In

If going out doesn’t appeal to you or your sweetheart, consider dinner and a movie at home. Use a little nerdiness to spice up your meal, then enjoy some small-screen geeklove. gives you all the tools you need to experiment with your meal. Molecular gastronomy will expose you to the processes of emulsification and spherification, among others. Add a little science to your plate and watch the romantic chemistry grow.

For cuddle-worthy movie options, consider Good Will Hunting, where a math genius finds love; Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind for the controversial but romantic science of memory; and the classic High Fidelity, where a music nerd explores relationships through the perfect mix tape.

While sitting on the couch in post-movie bliss, try the partner version of Fruit Ninja on your iPad where you can swipe furiously at the screen together. Want to do something a little more romantic? The vast, expanding universe is undeniably romantic, so take your date to look at some stars. If you live near a planetarium take advantage of a light show, concert, or special V-Day event. If you don’t, pick up a simple glow-in-the-dark constellation book, a blanket, and a bottle of wine and you’re guaranteed a lot more than star-gazing.

Geek Gifts

There are plenty of websites dedicated to finding the perfectly cool, geek gift, but what if  you’ve exhausted Think Geek or Nerd Valentine? If your honey is obsessed with those popular videos of cephalopods or baby sloths, you can adopt one of those beloved species in their name through the World Wildlife Fund. Your tax-deductible donation gets you a stuffed animal, an adoption certificate and a WWF bag.

Everyone loves monthly reminders of affection, so for the nutrition-savvy nerd, consider custom-made energy bars from YouBar; or for the nutrition-indifferent, try one of the dozens of bacon-of-the-month clubs.

If your sweetheart is an ever-curious geek, a class through Skillshare would make a great gift. From cooking to coding, city-specific classes are offered year round and make for a memorable experience. If you’re lucky, you might even reap the rewards of a cake-making or knitting class.

Romantic gestures that don’t cost a dime

Sign up with to strengthen your relationship while earning points that are redeemable as cash for a romantic date night. It’s popular with both the ladies and the gentlemen, and the site offers a unique platform for communication, romance and conflict resolution.

If your sweetheart doesn’t know how talented they really are, start a LinkedIn profile for them and help them connect professionally to others. Maybe they haven’t had time, or maybe they don’t know how it will benefit them, so show them how great they are with this gesture of endless networking potential.

Create a love-themed Tumblr just for your honey by finding content you know they will love. Link to music videos, find quotes, post sexy art, or set it to private and post sexy photos of you! The gesture can be romantic, funny, charming, or sexy and will surely become a fun way to show your love even after Valentine’s Day.

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