This article was published on March 28, 2017

9 of the best Facebook Stories filters that put Snapchat to shame

9 of the best Facebook Stories filters that put Snapchat to shame

Facebook rolled out its big totally-not-Snapchat feature, ‘Stories,’ to all mobile users today. And the filters are fucking amazing!

When you take a Story photo, you have a number of masks, frames, and effects (we’ll just call them all ‘filters’) you can layer over your face, kinda like Snapchat. Unlike Snapchat, though, you can layer multiple filters over each other, like my new sloth friend and I did here.

But which filters will bring the Snap-happy crowds to Facebook? These six are my favorites.

Keep in mind, I couldn’t find the names for some of these filters, so I’m taking it upon myself to name them.

9. Sloth Friend

Anyone who doesn’t love sloths … I’m not sure what to do with you. Look at that picture!

8. Scary Minion

I can’t tell if the bananas are zooming into our out of your mouth in this filter — don’t giggle — but it’s certainly frightening the Minion off to the side.

7. Rocket Raccoon Mask

With this one, you become Rocket Raccoon, as Baby Groot stands on your shoulder. Who would ever not want that?

6. The Roger Rabbit tears

This one looks like a cartoon version of Snapchat’s old flowing rainbows, the one everyone always put over their mouth so it would look like they were puking all the colors. Only here you’re crying them, and your eyes and tongue are bugging out of your head like someone squeezed Daffy Duck.

5. Woke Up Like This

You know this filter will be almost exclusively used ironically.

4. The “Take on Me” Filter

If you ever wanted to look like a rotoscoped pencil illustration, you’ll love this one. Jokes about a thirty-year-old music video aside, this might be one of the most aesthetically-pleasing filters of the bunch.

3. Mustache You a Question

Does this one look really realistic, or is it just me? This is one way to prank your friends without messing their faces up for several days.

2. Become a Power Ranger

Several of the selfie features change or move when you nod your head. With this filter, a Power rangers mask forms over your face, which is just awesome.

1. The Watercolor Flashes

I didn’t know I wanted this until I saw it. It’s everything a filter on a totally-not-Snap should be: It’s flattering, it’s pretty, and it’s flashy enough to catch the eye of anyone who might be lazily scrolling through Stories. Even Mark Zuckerberg loves it!



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