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This article was published on November 18, 2011

8 startups announced for MUSIC techpitch 4.5 in London

8 startups announced for MUSIC techpitch 4.5 in London
Paul Sawers
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Paul Sawers

Paul Sawers was a reporter with The Next Web in various roles from May 2011 to November 2014. Follow Paul on Twitter: @psawers or check h Paul Sawers was a reporter with The Next Web in various roles from May 2011 to November 2014. Follow Paul on Twitter: @psawers or check him out on Google+.

MUSIC techpitch 4.5, a pitching contest created in conjunction with EMI Music and 2Pears, an event & networking company for creative and tech startups, will be looking to showcase some of the latest music-tech startups in Europe. And the final 8 contestants have now been announced.

Taking place at EMI’s HQ in Kensington, London, on Tuesday 22nd November, the purpose of MUSIC techpitch 4.5 is to give music-tech startups a platform to gain awareness, attract investment and network with industry experts and potential partners.

The winner will get the opportunity to participate in an investment meeting arranged by Par Equity, one of the largest investment networks in Scotland, to discuss potential investment opportunities.

Following a keynote by Jim Brady, EVP Strategy and Insight for EMI Group, 8 startups will present their business ideas and revenue models during a 3-minute pitch followed by a five minute Q&A by a panel of judges.

The Next Web has been given a slot on the panel, and will take its seat alongside 6 other judges, including investors, entrepreneurs and industry experts. So, who’s presenting? The 8 startups are as follows:

1. Dizzyjam

Dizzyjam is an online service that gives independent bands, DJs, labels, musicians and venues the chance to create and sell merchandise for free.

2. Hitlantis

Hitlantis is a new free music service for independent artists and music fans. It helps artists ‘break through’, and music lovers to discover new music.

3. Hooolp

Hooolp is an online database with live music events, helping users discover live music in a specific town, region or within a defined radius.

4. Isophonics

Isophonics is the home of software and data resources deriving from the Centre for Digital Music (C4DM) at Queen Mary, University of London. C4DM is one of the UK’s leading Digital Music research groups.

5. Mobile Backstage

Mobile Backstage is a “two-way communication street”, where bands and artists can engage with their fans, including sharing pictures and videos.

6. Seevl

Seevl uses the power of structured data and semantic technologies to build products that lets resellers and consumers make sense of the deluge of music data available online.

7. Webdoc

Webdoc is a social platform – it’s like a digital scrapbook that lets users reuse existing content online, as well as upload and throw their own fresh content into the mix.

8. Xylyx

Xylyx is an online payment system, automating processes such as settlement, commission payments, royalty payments and charity disbursements – into multiple accounts in real time. For example, sell an mp3 and pay each rights-holder their share of the sale price in real-time.

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