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This article was published on September 21, 2016

8-bit Jack Reacher game pays homage to a running joke about Tom Cruise running

8-bit Jack Reacher game pays homage to a running joke about Tom Cruise running
Bryan Clark
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Bryan Clark

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Bryan is a freelance journalist. Bryan is a freelance journalist.

Tom Cruise, the guy known for running in lots of movies — and other stuff, I’m sure — now has his own online mini-game to do just that: run. The running gag about Cruise running in movies has led to memes, video compilations and dozens (perhaps hundreds) of GIFs on the subject. It even led to a change in his Twitter bio as a sort of acknowledgement to the joke.


Cruise’s new movie, ‘Jack Reacher: Never Go Back’ is now getting in on the fun as well. Today, a tiny 8-bit endless runner popped up to promo the sequel to 2012’s ‘Jack Reacher.’

The original film featured a rather confident Reacher that seemed hell-bent on baiting people into hitting him in the face. There was a lot of punching, but most of it came from Reacher. There was running too, but pretty much only to find the next person to punch.

The game, appropriately titled ‘Jack Reacher: Never Stop Punching,’ sees Reacher on a one-way mission — literally, he can’t go backwards in the game — to… somewhere… presumably whatever is at the end of the right side of the screen. We can’t be sure, we haven’t managed to make it to the end before the button mashing leaves us wanting a break, a drink, and a hug. Seriously, you could actually make it to the end of this game by just repeatedly smashing the punch button, unless a baddie falls on your head. It makes for some fatigued fingers.

Along Reacher’s journey, you’re essentially punching soldiers and geriatric men in suits. You’ll run, jump and punch people in the face, not much more. You have limited health, no upgrades and a mean streak that can only be pacified by the aforementioned punching of old men.

If you want to join in the fun, you can download the game on Android, or play it in your browser.

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