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This article was published on February 29, 2016

    7 media startups to watch in 2016

    7 media startups to watch in 2016
    Brian de Graft
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    Brian de Graft

    Junior Marketer

    Brian is a Junior Marketer on The Next Web’s Events team. He writes articles and social media posts for our conferences, plus other text-rel Brian is a Junior Marketer on The Next Web’s Events team. He writes articles and social media posts for our conferences, plus other text-related bits and bobs.

    Every year, The Next Web holds hundreds of interviews with young startups in order to shortlist the cream of the crop and invite them to Boost, our early-stage growth program at The Next Web Conference.

    With the eleventh edition of our flagship Amsterdam conference coming up in May, the TNW Events team has already conducted many interviews (but there’s still time to apply). As the Boost lineup grows, an impressive collection of promising startups from around the world is starting to form.

    This week, we’ve selected seven promising startups from the Media categorySo, whether you want to step up your WordPress game or send your mother a personalised book for her birthday, these companies will make your life that much sweeter.

    Check out the seven companies that have been invited to participate here, before heading to our Boost page for more information and to submit your company:



    From: New York City, USA       

    Kya integrates with WordPress to make tracking your audience easy. With actionable insights you’ll be able to increase engagement and better understand the people you reach.




    From: London, UK

    Gamebuilt provides everything from development tools to complete end-to-end gaming solutions, using the latest technologies.


    ROI Hunter


    From: Prague, Czech Republic

    ROI Hunter is an advanced performance marketing platform, that offers expert predictive remarketing and dynamic automation for Facebook and Instagram ads.



    Free Loops

    From: Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Free Loops is a subscription based platform for loopable video animations.


    Story Terrace Ltd.

    From: London, UKm7- storyterrace

    Story Terrace offers unique books for friends, family and future generations.



    m5 - Qanda

    From: Paris, France

    Qanda is the first app to create Q&A videos. Written questions get video answers that can be shared all over the internet. Everybody has a story, you just have to ask.


    Social Seeder

    From: Mechelen, Belgiumm6 - SocialSeeder

    Social Seeder is the online platform to activate your employees and clients. Transforming them into brand ambassadors on social media has never been easier.


    ➤  Want your startup to join Boost or Bootstrap? Apply here.