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This article was published on February 12, 2016

6 services to help you slay your last minute Valentine’s plans

6 services to help you slay your last minute Valentine’s plans Image by: Shutterstock
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Valentine’s Day can be cute and relaxing when you have it all planned out, but a stress-filled [email protected]!#-came-up-with-this-stupid-holiday-anyway affair when you leave things to the last minute.

With that special day coming up, we wanted you to have the most stress-free end to the week possible. So whether you’re single or partnered, we’re here to assist. We’re forgoing gift giving in favor of experiences – so put down that cheap last minute teddy bear, light some candles and put on some Billy Joel.

Get your food and booze ready

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For those who’ve claimed cooking duty and hate going to the supermarket, Indonesian startup HappyFresh will deliver your groceries in one hour. If your empty pantry also comes with an undecided menu, personal shoppers will help you plan an excellent meal and stop you from hitting check-out on those instant noodles for two — unless you really, really think it will go well with your Valentine.

You’re going to have a nice night in. The lighting is perfectly dimmed. Dinner’s in the oven. Billy is in the background singing about how wonderful you look tonight… and your house is unintentionally dry. What? Not to worry. There’s an app for that. Los Angeles-based SAUCEY is an on-demand alcohol delivery service that will satisfy your boozy needs complete with snacks and smokes.

Entertainment, check

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What do you when you won’t be able to see your loved one in person? Rounds makes it easier for you to be there without necessarily being there by covering the interactive element of video chatting. No more awkward solo YouTube watching sessions while calling your significant other. Rounds lets you binge together. Cats playing patty cake is so much better when you can guffaw with each other anyway.

The thought of setting up a home sound system, quite frankly, scares me. But what is a romantic holiday without the appropriate soundtrack? I want tap-dancing rhythms in my kitchen and soft rock making its way through the living room. A saviour comes in the form of ROCKI and their pebble-like device that turns any speaker into a wireless system. Use your phone to control what you listen to and where with a few taps. Hello, Mr DJ.

Disclosure: ROCKI is an alumnus of the The Next Web Boost programme.

Walk it off

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Deli Global
If your partner has started to make some comment about going someplace different, take the hint and discover a new place with them. DELI Global asks six questions from what you wear on your feet to your drink of choice, and gives you a personalized city guide brimming with detailed suggestions on where to eat, drink and go. It’s aimed at those who want to “live and breathe the spirit of a city” so you know they won’t be recommending tired places.

Pretty Streets
Impress your date with a scenic stroll in and around your city with Pretty Streets. Let the app know where you are, your destination (if you have one), how long you want to walk, and they’ll do the rest. They use geolocated urban data to calculate the most interesting and prettiest routes around you so you can enjoy the “pleasure of the walk”. Its mission was recently applauded by the European Youth Award in the Go Green category last year.

Bonus: For Parisians and Paris-bound lovers, have a listen to one of their 60 free audio stories with historical anecdotes from fake countess serial killers to the burnings of several Knights Templar. It is pretty cool.

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