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This article was published on May 24, 2018

6 pieces of career advice from TNW’s high-flying attendees

6 pieces of career advice from TNW’s high-flying attendees
Guðrun í Jákupsstovu
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Guðrun í Jákupsstovu

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Large events, like the currently happening TNW conference, are crawling with people of different expertise and professions. What everyone seems to have in common, besides a love of tech, is the basic fact that we all do better with a good piece of solid advice, every once in a while. TNW asked six attendees about the best advice they’ve received to help their personal or professional life:

“Don’t take life too seriously and keep having fun. It’s important to remember that you work to live, you don’t live to work. Remembering that we’re supposed to have fun and be happy is what helps me keep my priorities straight and it helps me both doing well at work and personally.” – Denise Ermis. Product Genius, MoreApp.

“Stay true to yourself. This has helped me when I left college and I felt that I was pushed a bit in a certain direction. I made sure to keep my focus broader and on what I really wanted, and this worked out really well for me.” – Charlotte Asma. Management trainee, RTL Nederland.

“I will try not to get into clichés. We’re right now at a big technology festival, but ultimately it’s not technology that brings us together, it’s the people. Technology is a good middleman, but people are the core, and I think that is something we need to be reminded of sometimes.” – Geert de Laet. Digital strategist, LUON.

“I really like starting every day out with having a quick briefing with my colleagues. Hear how everyone’s doing, what they’re working on and how we can move best forward. I think it’s important to stay attentive to people around you and move forward together.” – Olga Kovaleva. Market manager and event organizer, Mobio Inc.

“Take it easy. Taking things easy has worked out for me in most cases. I think we’re often being told to think long and hard about decisions, but I often feel that this doesn’t work out. It’s important to take decisions, but if you start overthinking, you end up spiraling. In my experience, it’s not important what decision you make, the important things is that you take a decision.” – Johannes Martius. Founder and developer, Aircargobook.

“Just do it. As women, we don’t like to take a lot of risks, and I think you should just grow some balls and do it. A more seasoned female entrepreneur told us, just grow some balls. Men are your competition, and they’re bold, and they’re really out there. You should be too, because you’re just as good. Just because you’re female, you don’t have to hold back.” – Evelien de Vries. CEO and co-founder, Flickfeeder.

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