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This article was published on October 6, 2015

    6 Dutch Boost startups you should meet in New York

    6 Dutch Boost startups you should meet in New York
    Blanka Szamos
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    Blanka Szamos

    Events Intern

    That’s it. All startups for our Boost program that is co-hosted by Braintree at this year’s TNW Conference USA have now been selected and are carefully planning their pitches to impress you on our business floor. 

    The Events team have been hard at work interviewing awesome companies over the past few months, and 100 are now set to take part. Not to mention 1,500 attendees, 45 VC firms and two dozen epic keynote speakers.

    Check out the six startups below who were selected from The Next Web’s home country, the Netherlands, to accompany us at our New York event:

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    Multisense is new online security system to protect both yourself and your customers. The complex system includes a featured face recognition to avoid camouflage, a fingerprint secure, a GPS-based customer identification, an NFC platform to use smartphone as a security tag and a voice verification.



    Groupagendas is an innovative platform that helps you manage your meetings and tasks with the fastest way. You can create appointments, polls, get an overview of your notes and chats, or share your work schedule with your team members. Integrate your to-do list to your calendar and keep everyone updated with your work!


  is an online platform, directed to users to find affordable legal solutions and advices. An unlimited version of telephone calls for a month costs €47. There is an option to choose between several legal themes that fits best to the problem from starting a company through employing or renting to handle a whole case.



    Vurze, the product of MIWI is a new social media platform for change-makers. Are you interested in global problems and would like to try to help? Or are craving to join to a charity programme? Need people to brainstorm on how to make your green startups become real? No matter what is the topic, you can easily find people to connect with when it comes to societal issues.

    Social Media Signage startup-socialmediasignage


    Social Media Signage collects all your social media information and collect them into one place, creating your corporate identity. Use it and collect everything from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn. Get your SM Signage to get a recognisable corporate identity!

    Instant Magazine 


    Instant Magazine helps you create your own browser-based online magazine in a few hours. All you have to do is to gather all your content (videos, pictures, texts, social streams & animations) together, start designing with a wide range of templates and hit the magic publish button.

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